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BOGLEX is a company that develops amazing applications, with unique systems and different levels of complexity. Founded in August 2020, we have accumulated a huge experience in the field of mobile applications offering various services. We have always liked challenges and we really like to satisfy our customers.


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We are thrilled to partner with Boglex, a developer showcasing content which boasts unique designs and stunning graphics backed up by its cutting-edge technology.

Boglex has cemented itself as one of the software industry’s most exciting content developers, so it’s fantastic to have a partner that shares our values when it comes to delivering user-first in app experiences.

We’re always aiming to provide top quality content while continuously diversifying our portfolio. We’re sure users will be delighted to enjoy Boglex titles.


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Our team will show you how easy it is to integrate your applications into stores. IOS and Android applications. From development and design, to a business model based on the strategies used by your competition, you will be up and running in no time.

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Discover the many ways in which our account team can raise your application above your competitors. Grow your business with us - Boglex has seen a 300% increase in GGR in 2020 and 82% of users return to our applications. It’s inspiration, made easy!

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